Choosing the right memory foam mattress

If you get up with sore shoulder or a back ache, your mattress is probably to blame. Below are tips on how to choose the right memory foam mattress.

Find the right size for your bed

picture of memory foam mattressThe mattresses come in different sizes. It is therefore ideal to narrow down your search by selecting the size that is going to fit the bed frame that you have.


Choose an appealing foam

The most common type is the traditional memory foam. It reacts to body heat well forming to your shape hence reducing pressure points and gives you a restful sleep. However, in the event you get really hot when you are sleeping, then you should consider gel memory foam. It is infused with gel beads that allow for better air flow without losing the comfort of traditional memory foam. If you can find theĀ best cheap memory foam mattress you’ll be good.

Select the density based on your sleep position. The higher the density of the mattress, the firmer it is going to be. The bedding comes in two and five pound densities. A less dense mattress like ( is ideal for those that use their side sine it is going to curve well with your hips and shoulders.

Choose the thickness that will give you the support you need. Due to the fact that memory foam is quite supportive, you are only going to feel the three to four inches of it. If you opted for a low density one, consider thicker foam since you are going to sink into it a bit more.

It is also ideal to know how much money you are willing to spend on memory gel mattress topper. You can buy it online or go to a store. The benefit of buying online is the fact that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home and the topper and mattress will be delivered right to your doorstep.